Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Probably tells you everything that you need to know about todays vote on health reforms.

You don't have to have been here to have seen it coming.

Just got back from a packed Yorkshire & Humber reception. Our regional director, one Nan Sloane, will be leaving us for pastures new after this conference, and I was pleased to see that both the PM and the Deputy PM gave her a ringing endorsement. "She's such a shy and unassuming figure", the PM quipped to a roar of laughter.

When I shook the PM's hand a few moments later, I was expecting a slightly firmer pressure, and in this embarrassing mix-up of hand-shaking etiquette, I might have accidentally crunched a knuckle or two. With my once promising career potentially over, I look forward to seeing special branch at my front door very soon.


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