Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's been a long night - and it's not over yet.

It started at 5.30pm, courtesy of the All Party Parliamentary Beer Club. Many thanks to Richard Corbett MEP, John Grogan MP and Robert Humphreys for the invite. A quick formal talk about beer later, and the free bar commenced. Happy days.

From there to a private reception organised by the Times. Pretty much every political journalist you've ever heard of was there, and those I got to meet were very nice.

Today's Independent suggested that Alan Johnson and John Reid had formed a "golden ticket" partnership to contest the Leader and Deputy Leader elections (all though the latter rests in the hands of John Prescott deciding to stand down). I don't particularly believe what I read, but they did seem especially chummy tonight, with them greeting each other with a big bear hug. Interesting.

One thing I've got from chatting to delegates from across the party, is that, if there is a viable alternative, Gordon Brown will definitely not have the easy ride he'd hoped for.

Oh, one last thing. How big is [the Sun Editor], Rebekah Wade's hair?!

Right, back to the bar...


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