Sunday, September 24, 2006

Just got back from a social market foundation event with David Miliband, Stephen Byers and John Denham, regarding New Labour and whether it was "old hat" or not. All three didn't really answer the question to be quite honest, but did offer some interesting ideas. Mr Byers commented on how ridiculous it is that we haven't had a proper debate on tax - a real issue on the campaigning doorstep. Quite right too.

David Miliband was excellent, I can see why he's rated highly in New Labour circles. Most memorable was his position on the environment - the UK could become carbon neutral tomorrow and climate change wouldn't be halted; that's exactly why we need to work with our European neighbours on all environmental issues. We have to move on from justifying the EU as a mechanism for peace, and start promoting it as a mechanism for stopping climate change. Hear hear!


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