Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The penultimate day of conference and the local coffee shops are doing a roaring trade in extra strength espresso. I'll blog a little later on some of the contraversial things that have happened on the conference floor. In the meantime, my day so far...

1) Had breakfast with Stephen Twigg (of kicking Portillo's ass in '97 fame). Now as the Director of the Foreign Policy Centre, he concerns himself with, amongst other things, the growing crisis in Darfur. You can read various interesting articles on the website linked above. We reminisced about 1997 (even though I was only 15 at the time), talked about his potential return to Parliament and his pro-euro stance. Nice bloke.

2) Bill Clinton's return to Conference. Never having seen the bloke in person, I was chuffed to bits, but it's easy to get carried away by seeing someone of his stature. His speech was ok, he explains his ideas in a very thoughtful and intelligent way, but has nothing like the oratory skills we saw yesterday of TB.

3) Quick thing with fellow bloggers and David Miliband - perhaps the most articulate of the new wave of New Labour MPs. I told him of the difficulties of setting up local Labour parties in rural areas, and asked him what advice he would offer. Naturally, the message was "keep going", but he had quite a hardline on those in rural communities, such as my own, who refuse to engage with Labour representatives. If they don't allow us to talk to them and work with them to develop policy and precedure, how we can we be effective?


At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment of Bill Clinton - he's proved that he knows his stuff, as he has proved he truly cares, but it was hardly delivered in an inspirational way.

Congrats on the blog by the way.



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