Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sycophantic and proud.

Who on Earth says that we have no passion left?! Who on Earth says that Tony Blair is and always will be distanced from the Party?!

I must say that both of those statements couldn't be further from the truth. The amount of energy that came from the conference floor in reaction to the PM's speech was unbelieveable. Delegates left the floor feeling motivated, excited, proud, and perhaps most importantly, like they were being led.

Of course, Tony's public oratory skills are famous, but his speech went far beyond performance. It was about what it is to be Labour. It was a speech brimming with optimism and progressive, sensible politics.

On Saturday I blogged about Tony's reception by grassroots members at a fringe event. These are the people who, so the media says, aren't meant to like him. These are the same people who refused to let him get off the stage without a seemingly endless standing ovation, interspersed with roars of approval.

Whoever is to follow him, has a tough act to follow on all counts.


At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Bill Taylor said...

Thank you Tony Blair - a great reminder of what we have achieved and what still has to be done.

As I write this I am replaying the BBC Parliament's recording of Tony's 1984 Conference Speech.

At 7:35 PM, Blogger Jane Pike said...

It was an extremely moving speech. He justified his record without appearing to defend it by simply putting it into its historic and progressive context. My dad - a former Labour MP himself - has said at every point the party has moved forward that the policies we stood for when he was first an election agent would not have got him elected in 1983. Equally, the policies we stood on in '83 would not have stood up in '97 and so on. We all tend to grab for the security blanket of past familiarity when we get unsure about the direction of a certain policy and Blair shamed us and reminded us why we have to keep moving forward. I didn't support Blair for leadership, but I came round to being a big fan. Since the Iraq war I have found myself questioning some of his actions - and I still think we should have done it through the UN, giving the weapons inspectors a clear timetable, and a clear justification for what no-one denies needed to be done through UN consensus. However, what happened has happened and the world has changed so much. Blair and Brown together saw that vision for the future and Tony's so right. In '97 we were on the doorsteps arguing about waiting times for hip replacements exceeding two years; now I know someone who is on a 6 week priority waiting list. How far we've come, and how weird it was for Tony to step back and wish us luck bidding us - in a roundabout way - goodluck and cheerio.

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the Definition of the Nuremburg Trails

i.e." planning and carrying out an Aggressive war"

Tony Blair is a WAR CRIMINAL

and would have been hung

Empirical Fact
You Labour Creeps really worry me!
Not in my NAME


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