Saturday, September 23, 2006

A warm welcome to conference 2006, and my blog that aims to keep you informed as to the weeks' comings and goings, gossip, debates, pub-banter and more.

Much has been made in the blogosphere (the fraternity of political bloggers), about how this will be my first Labour Party conference – I am a self confessed conference virgin who, sitting here at half past midnight, is writing this first entry on the eve of his proverbial wedding night.

In light of my impending coming-of-age, it wasn’t without a sense of irony that I saw Jess Morden’s (MP for Newport East) blog from conference 2005. “Gordon made love to us” she writes, whilst “Tony…gives it to us hard”.

My innocence is disappearing in a way I never imagined; don't get me wrong, I like them both, but friends.

So, I’ll be in Manchester from Saturday morning until Thursday night. I’ll be writing about my thoughts, feelings and observations of the coming week, with the occasional hint of a rant to boot. I’ll be telling it how I see it from the conference floor, the fringe events, the bars and the coffee queue. If you’re following the blog from home, then please do send me your comments; disagree with me, agree with me, rant at me, rant with me. If you’re following it from conference itself, come and say hello and tell me how you think it’s going.

Conference isn’t about towing the party line, it’s about creating the party line, so make sure you have your say.

As an old pal once said, keep y’sels nice.


PS: Oh, by the way: To dampen any idea that this blog is in competition with the many other Labour blogs out there, I’ve added a link to Bloggers4Labour, where you’ll find a long list of other bloggers’ sites. Find the link on the right hand side of this page.


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